2021 Smart Agricultural Achievement

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Mushrooms are very perish after harvest. The post-harvest quality is subject to many internal or external factors during storage or transportation. As a result, it is difficult to determine their post-harvest quality based on the shelf life. Among all types of mushrooms, pleurotus eryngii has higher demands and economic value in the consumer market of Taiwan. That is the main reason why it is the focus of this project. Hyperspectral technology provides abundant spatial and spectral information t
To solve the problem of lack of labor in rice nursery center, and improve efficiency of rice production. We developed iron powder coating seed for rice wet-direct-seeding. By varieties selection, iron powder coating, herbicide application and irrigation management. In case of maintaining production, improve efficiency of rice cultivation substantially.
To make the funtion more perfect, we improved the tea planting machine. This development technology designs a mechanism that adjusts the left and right distances for double-row tea planting, reduces the pre-injection mechanism for tea seedling jams, improves the efficiency and workload of the seedling personnel, and increases the survival rate of planting. In addition, we provide traction the technical documents for the operation of the tea planting machine and the pre-site preparation work ca
According to reports, more than 70% of agricultural workers have faced occupational injuries and 90% of skeletal and muscle injuries are caused by excessive physical exertions and unsuitable postures. For example, the most common injury is shoulder discomfort which could cause pain and soreness. To solve these occupational injuries for farmers, our team developed assistive exoskeleton devices to provide a supporting and assistance that could help to reduce muscle consumption of farmers and incre
The Intelligent Pest Monitoring System was developed by integrating the advanced technology including AI image recognition, embedded systems with high-speed computation capability and communication functions, cloud and mobile computing, and machine learning. The system can identify various types of insect pests and the counts on the sticky paper trap mounted on the intelligent sensing module. This allows long term monitoring of the status of insect pests as well as the environmental conditions a
At present, the domestic leaf vegetable cultivation area is about 38,000 hectares. Because the leaf vegetable industry consumes manpower. new agricultural machinery that saves time and labor has always been in urgent need of the leaf vegetable industry.
Traditional harvest experience got around through word of mouth, but manual judgment is hard to reach a consensus. The new generation still needs to spend several years of time and cost to accumulate their own experience. This system includes a environmental monitoring and risk forewarning platform of culture pond, and a intelligent production decision platform. The environmental monitoring and risk forewarning platform of culture pond replaces manual judgment with scientific detect, to monitor
The relevant sensing systams have not been integrated in the development of LED fishing lights to show intelligent fuctions to assist fishing operations, no matter in Japan, South Korea, China or Taiwan after inventorying the fishing lights technology in various countries. Therefore, we integrated recording system modules and smart diagnostic modules to develop intelligent LED squid lights. We had the actual ship test, combined the captain and owner's suggestions, introduced laser lighting tech
In order to avoid exhaust gas emissions caused by professional farmers operating engine-powered trucks (machines) in the Wimbledon room, and work injuries such as lumbar fatigue caused by repeated lifting and handling operations, the "Crawler-type electric intelligent following farmland transporter" was developed. . The mechanical mechanism is simple in design, easy to operate and maintain. When operating, you can choose according to the type of operation or remote control mode. The most importa