Current situation and challenges of agriculture in Taiwan

The agriculture industry is continuously facingthe pressure of climate change, aging rural population, labor shortage, and growing demand for food.

Mapping out the Future of Smart Agriculture

Better working environment for agricultural workers. More efficient agricultural production models. A new agricultural era of efficiency, safety and low risk.


According to the Agricultural Statistics Annual Report (2018) of the Agricultural Ministry of the Executive Yuan, poultry farming accounts for 32.16% of the output value of domestic animal husbandry, of which broiler chickens account for the most at 26.32%, and the output value is as high as NT$43.9 billion, which is one of the important economic sources in the country. one. Taiwan is located in a subtropical region with high temperature and humidity. Typhoons and torrential rain are often rava
Hydroponic indoor farming presents a promising approach for mitigating global
October 31-November 1, 2023 | Online
elevant government personnel, researchers, agribusiness-related personnel, agricultural product distributors, etc.
In Taiwan, pelagic fishery is facing growing challenges due to multiple impacts such as
The domestic-export sales ratio of Taiwanese Oncidium is 7 to 3 or even 6 to 4