SmartAgri Firms

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1. Aeon Matrix Ltd.


Aeon Matrix creates smart irrigation and control solutions.
For residential and commercial applications, our Yardian Pro smart sprinkler controller is certified by the US EPA WaterSense and aims to save water and labor.
For agricultural, aquacultural and many other industries, our Yardian Max multifunctional smart controller works with relays and sensors for various applications. By applying environmental and sensor data in innovative ways, our technology will save you time, energy, and labor.

2. AgriTalk Technology Inc.


AgriTalk Tech is a smart agricultural solution provider that provides total solution from farm monitoring and AI prediction system to transform traditional farming style. We provide good quality sensors (14 environmental factors) and control modules with scheduling function (timer, sensing value control). Moreover, we customize prediction for soil microbiome distribution, pests and diseases eruption timing. We provide dashboard and alert messages after AI analysis to assist farm management. With AgriTalk solution, farming will be more systematic, precise and environment sustainable.

AgriTalk Technology Inc. combines university teams to deliver innovative services.

AgriTalk Technology Inc. combines university teams to deliver innovative services.

3.Allis Communications Co., LTD


Established in 1995, Allis Communications Company's core business is designing and developing Global Positioning System antennas. Since its inception, Allis Communications Company (ACC) has evolved into a wireless technology company focusing on innovation and high-performance designs. Allis Communications supplies its products to several large OEM companies worldwide through its innovative design and high-quality production.
Allis Communications has successfully transformed its products into Wireless Router/Gateway/Adapters, Air Sensing Sensors, and LoRa Receivers achieving high performance and consistent connectivity for IoT applications.

4. Banshe Technology Co., Ltd.


We are a startup company dedicated to providing automated warehousing and logistics planning solutions. Its founding members come from fields such as e-commerce, logistics, and system integration (PChome, Yonglian Logistics, NEC team), focusing on process consulting and design for cold chain logistics, low-temperature production and processing of agricultural products, integration of automated equipment design, warehouse management system planning, and development of operational workstations.
We specialize in warehouse and logistics information as a professional system integration provider. We assist agricultural product marketing companies with annual revenues of over NT$1 billion in establishing customized internal systems and complete factory planning services for automated equipment. We also help large chain bookstores and magazine publishers implement warehouse and logistics management systems.

5.Beehive Data Technology Co., Ltd.


Beehive Data Technology provides a complete solution for agriculture by AIoT system. The whole system includes IoT Devices, Cloud Platform, and Data Analysis. Our goal is to build a network between agricultural experts, farmers and consumers. We believe it may contribute to an agricultural eco-system and promote sustainable agriculture.

6.Chunghwa Telecom Co., LTD.


As a leading telecommunications service provider, Chunghwa Telecom has the largest bandwidth and optimal frequency bands for 5G. Its smart agriculture solution utilizes an IoT smart networking platform developed in-house, which integrates various ICT technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, big data, and wireless communication. With the "Broad Alliance" strategy, Chunghwa Telecom aims to jointly build an agricultural IoT industry ecosystem, cooperate with related organizations to establish industry standards and participate in standard specification development. Moreover, it collaborates with farmers, academic research, and the government to create a smart agriculture technology service system to promote the standardization of agriculture, facilitate the integration of various resources, increase production and quality of agricultural IoT products, and promote the popularity of agricultural technology services. In addition, Chunghwa Telecom seeks to reduce carbon emissions by leveraging technology to mitigate environmental pressures and realize four agricultural visions of sustainability, safety, foresight, and happiness. Currently, the smart agriculture solution has covered 15 counties and cities, 53 growers, and 26 crops in Taiwan. Through the one-stop service of Chunghwa Telecom's smart agriculture system, including monitoring, control, and production history, and the standardized data interface, it facilitates the collaboration and circulation of agricultural IoT-related equipment and data. Shared resources or information significantly enhance the benefits of data re-analysis and reuse, substantially lowering the threshold for system service usage and adoption costs. Furthermore, the user-friendly web and LINE interfaces make it easy and intuitive to deploy.

7.Fast-Create International Corp.


Fast-Create International Corporation developed and design drone for agriculture in 2017 and also created a local Taiwan brand with brand new SUPER S series, which is also the very first company in Taiwan to acquire the approval report of performance test issued by the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, also the first agricultural drone with approval of information security. We focused on data collection, device research and development, the design of products for the farm drone, and agricultural IOT system building, and obtained the approval of a performance test from the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute and were eligible to the subsidiary of the farm machine, also recognized by the Japan-based enterprise in Taiwan-New Taiwan Kubota Co., Ltd., the company expected to be our product of agricultural drone representative.

Smart drone service provided by Fast-Create International Corp..

8.Fu-Chen Automatic Technology Co., Ltd.


Fu-Chen Automatic Technology Co., Ltd.(GISA Code:7543) With the solid energy of electromechanical integration, and software development accumulated over the past ten years, we are already the leader of intelligent automation. We have rich experience in software and hardware development and system integration practical design, let customers’ electronic control components and equipment, form IOT, collect data, digitize the rules of thumb, and conduct global remote monitoring and production through smart phones and cloud data. The data will be formed into a production resume, and the big data wisdom calculation analysis will be carried out to achieve high-quality, high-efficiency smart manufacturing.

Fu-Chen provides global aquaculture fishery intelligent services.

9.GEOSAT Aerospace & Technology Inc.


GEOSAT is a leading and total UAS solutions company in Taiwan, a pioneer of system integration of UAS design, manufacturing, aerial imagery services, remote sensing and data analytics, with rich technical experience and all-round practical ability. GEOSAT started applications on smart agriculture in 2017, combined with expertise in agricultural sciences, remote sensing, image analysis and AI technology. GEOSAT can provide crop monitoring, disease and pest analysis, crop recognition, plant count and sizing, nutrient analysis, and automated spraying for pesticides and fertilizers. Now, GEOSAT is actively exploring the application fields of agriculture in Southeast Asia, Pacific region, and Africa market, targeting bringing Taiwan's drone products and application services to the global.

10.GoodLinker Co., Ltd.


GoodLinker is an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) AIoT company with a vision to enable smart manufacturing in all agricultural and industrial production fields. Through its self-developed intelligent manufacturing on-board box and cloud command center platform, GoodLinker provides a one-stop-shop smart machinery upgrade system that visualizes operational data of production line machines. This helps enterprises take an effective step towards smart manufacturing and become data-driven companies of the future.

Currently, the cloud solution has been successfully implemented in the food processing industry and aquaculture. The solution offers a complete service package from data collection to cloud-based data display. This enables users to begin industrial intelligence without the need for expensive equipment and heavy management costs. GoodLinker is also a cloud command center service provider for Chunghwa Telecom, with cooperation throughout Taiwan to provide instant local services in the north, central, and south regions. The company has sufficient energy to provide customer service and technical support for maintenance, follow-up care, and rebuilding.

11.Huang Lin Machinery Co., Ltd.


HUANG LIN Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. The partners are a group of aspiring dreamers. Through implementation, they can complete their dream and establish an agricultural facility intelligent environmental control brand with a professional background in agricultural machinery and crop growth management. "GREENBELT".

Under the global market trend, the production process is integrated with environmental control technology and intelligent agriculture 4.0 to help farmers produce "high-performance", "labor-saving", "high-quality" and "safe" agricultural products for domestic demand and export. The basic company is absorbing the camp's goal.
The company has established a smart module system that can be used in agriculture, fishery and animal husbandry. Through intelligent use of various parameters, it can immediately control the environment required by various organisms and provide the most suitable configuration. In accordance with the government's policy on smart agriculture, establish smart environmental control systems in demonstration areas, and publish and show the results of using smart environmental control systems in agriculture; actively research and develop fish-vegetable symbiosis cycle systems and container plant factory, Various intelligent automatic weighing functions machinery.

12.Info-Link Services Co., Ltd


▪ Establish in 1999. Info-Link Services Co., Ltd. (known as ILS) has been recognized as a well-known software developer and information system expert, offering outstanding products and services to corporations, small and medium enterprises (SME), and academic institutes.
▪Over the years, ILS has focused on developing total solutions in certain industries field, such as agricultural, automobile, spa&beauty, travel& recreation, and academic or universities, gaining rich experience in service delivering and industrial knowledge. Not only ILS is capable to offer customization products and services, but also emphasize to improve and strengthen the bond between our clients and us.
▪Apart from developing total solutions to different industries, ILS strived to provide better product by the adoption of innovative technology, unique business model, and sustainable operation management, to enhance product & service quality and also improve ILS’ status in Asia-Pacific region.

Info-Link Services Co., Ltd’s operating headquarter

13.Innovation Foremost Asia Ltd.


Innovation Foremost Asia Ltd. is composed of international talents from AI, electronics and aquaculture background, providing SimuGro, a universal smart farming framework with seamless integration.

Innovation Foremost Asia Ltd. provides smart technology services.

14.January Technology Company


Established in February 2008, January Tech has been focusing on the development of vertical system integration for enterprise mobility management (EMM). We continuously create value for businesses in mobile commerce, and our customers have shown us more trust and opportunities as they have received much value from us.
In addition, we are committed to providing effective, complete, and real-time solutions for industry information for businesses. With our accumulated technical capabilities in the industry for many years, we provide complete system integration technical support. We aim to help our clients' management teams establish effective enterprise information systems with the least resources to create the highest value. Furthermore, our project customization capabilities offer our customers more ideas and flexibility to create valuable product and service applications in the fiercely competitive industry.

15.Jwisdom System INC.


JWISDOM SYSTEM INC. serves customized website design, online marketing, Internet of Things application (IoT) and software project development for various organizations. Our team members are experienced in software development, system integration, interface design and professional customer service for various industries, including manufacturing, service, education and government agencies.
JWISDOM SYSTEM INC. focuses on providing complete e-solutions for different organizations. We also work with different types of manufacturers and partners like AWS, IBM and FarEasTone to come up with the best technology strategic for our customers.
For years, we have provided various system integration services for government projects and SME customers. It is our mission to achieve customer success and follow the newest IT trend. We are proud to be a system integration and Internet of Things application (IoT) partner that provides customers with the best solutions.

16.Knowledge & Service Information Corp.


(1)Established in 1983, the service scope covers Taiwan and Malaysia.
(2)Transfer Technology to Agricultural Research Institute of Ministry of Agriculture to build “Construction Technology of Integrated Crop Production and Management Platform”.
(3)Ministry of Agriculture “Intelligent Agriculture 4.0 Information Platform”, Agricultural IoT practical field。
Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Third Level Assessment, ASVDA Draft “Intelligent Agriculture" Solution Provider.

The smart agricultural service project provided by Knowledge & Service Information Corp..

17.Link Join Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.


Link Join Agricultural Technology is your best partner in smart agriculture. We are people-oriented and technology-centric, and we provide market-facing products and customer-first services. Link Join Agricultural Technology mainly engaged in the development of technology services related to application software, dedicated to quality agriculture, food safety retroactive, agriculture information platform and system integration.
Link Join Agricultural Technology keeps on expanding its professional service capacity, implementing the CMMI international software quality policy, and providing customers with the best consultancies, comprehensive solutions and agile technical support.

18.NATEX Corporation


The core technology of NATEX lies in the comprehensive integration of project software development, energy management system application, and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and smart manufacturing software application. Our R&D team not only is professional technology-oriented, but also pays attention to the analysis of the previous interviews with clients to gather information based on their needs and offer professional advice accordingly. In addition, we value system testing to ensure quality requirements met, because knowing these easily-overlooked details are important in determining the quality of the software. This shows the guarantee that NATEX insists on fulfilling customer requests and earning their trust.

19.Quadlink Technology Inc.


Quadlink Technology Inc. was established in 2010, which developing "Internet of Thing (IoT)" systems by using sensors, computer/smart phone, cloud and big data technologies to optimize agriculture production and distribution. This experienced team with members from wireless communication and cloud computing has been in business for 7 years. By transforming the traditional fish farming industries as well as creating innovative business model with the application of IoT, Quadlink Technology is capable of maximizing the value derived from within.
Quadlink has implemented more than 600 sets of smart aquaculture system so far. In terms of geographical coverage, not in Taiwan, but also in overseas from China to Southeast Asia (including Indonesia and Philippines). Quadlink assists fish farmers in monitoring risks, controlling parameters and establishing standard cultivation model—the result is self-evident: yields increased by 30%, energy saving by 30% and feeds saving by 30%.

The operation of the equipment provided by Quadlink Technology Inc. in the local fish farm.

20.Shuenn FarnVentilator Industrial Co., Ltd.


With the goal to help people to solve the existing problems such as unstable temperature and humidity changes, Shuenn Farn can provide different kind of sensors and professional service platform system for people to manage the system more easily and conveniently. We can do integration for your original equipment or connected equipment without spending lots of money. More important is we can provide the early alarm system through LINE, wechat, or your phone, you do not need to spend times on managing your equipment. This is what we can do for the new generation farmers.

21.SmartAgri Intergration Service Co., LTD.


SmartAgri Integration Service Co., LTD. provides customized, intelligent, and information-based innovative agricultural application services, including agricultural technology innovation research, technical planning consulting, system integration development, production, marketing counseling and project management.
SmartAgri cooperate with leading companies to develop” SmartAgri AI” intelligent agricultural service system, which can provide multiple services such as poultry breeding, aquaculture, dairy cow breeding, crop cultivation, etc. We expect to integrate Taiwan’s agricultural scientific research strength, agricultural knowledge and industrial needs, develop standardized, modular, and productized agricultural technology services. Through the development of innovative business service models, we will guide Taiwan’s agricultural upgrading and promote the international technology agricultural market.

22.Sunforce Technology Ltd.


Sunforce Technology specializing in IoT and remote intelligent control applications and solutions. Sunforce Technology independently developed cloud-based intelligent environmental monitoring system allows our solutions including smart agriculture, smart data centers, smart buildings, smart factories, renewable energy.

IoT smart agriculture smart factory environment services

23.Taiwan HiPoint Corporation


Taiwan HiPoint Corporation was established in 1987, engaged in the manufacture of laboratory equipment for more than 30 years. Our clients cover National Academic, Research Institutions, Biotechnology Companies, Universities, and large private enterprises. The production base covers an area of 12000m², with Technical, Development, Refrigeration, Electromechanical Assembling, and Quality Control Department. Our Sheet Metal factory is equipped with a multi-process laser cutting machine. The production process has always implemented the ISO9001 Comprehensive Quality Control Policy. Our products also certified by CE and UL safety certification. For many years, we have actively invested in the field of Smart Agriculture, established an image analysis and development research center.
The products assembled and produced in Taiwan throughout the whole process cover Plant Growth Chambers, Walk-In Chambers, and other environmental control equipment, as well as latest Plant Phenotype Analysis Systems, Image Analysis and Intelligent Agricultural Climate Station that automatically identify pests, conveying Taiwan HiPoint's core appeal: "More effort, better solutions!", which inspires us to persevere in perfection, and to shape our uniqueness through continuous innovation.

24.U-sync.(Taiwan)Internet Services Co., Ltd.


In 2023, U-sync will integrate 5G private networks into their farm applications using the latest 5G O'RAN architecture. They will combine their complete set of digital farm solutions with the 5G private network technology to create a comprehensive solution for Taiwan's smart agriculture industry. Their three main goals are "de-telecommunication," "de-cloudification," and "de-expensivization." They plan to use Taiwan's advanced 5G private network technology to expand their presence in the global market.

Smart technology takes care of dragon fruit fields

25. Agriforward Co., Ltd.

Tel:+886- 939-125-720

Agriforward Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese social enterprise providing sustainable and circular agriculture solutions based on “5R principles”: Redesign, Reduce, Recycle, Recovery, and Resilience. In addition, we provide innovative AIoT and biological technology for agricultural waste treatment and upgrading farming methodologies. In 2022, Agriforward is sponsored by International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) as one of the “impact frontiers” in the IF lab.

26. Playsure Technology Co., Ltd.


Playsure Technology provides professional software system development, ERP system development, smart agriculture, and smart mobile technology development services with three major axes: business planning, software and hardware system development, and experience design.
The scope of our services includes domestic and foreign companies, government agencies, and well-known schools in Taiwan to conduct industry-university research, publish research journals, and deepen industrial technology.

27. GEOSENSE Digital Technologies Inc.


We supports development of professional service such as GIS(Geographic Information System)、MIS(Management Information System) and application of Open Data. We assist agricultural producers in finding suitable smart agriculture solutions, and pass the application review in the 2023 and being recognized as a high-quality information service provider with "Smart Agriculture Technology Service Provider Energy Registration"!

28. Easy Fong Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Easyfong Enterprise Co.,Ltd. is your first choice for factory ventilation and cooling, professional production of ventilation equipment, and expert in improving hot odor dust.
Easyfong Enterprise Co.,Ltd. focusing on the production of industrial ventilation equipment and the planning and installation of industrial ventilation equipment for many years, Products continue to innovate, actively develop a variety of new fans, and have obtained a number of patents in many countries.



JNC Technology was established in 2005
ISO9001 R&D and manufacturing factory, producing water quality/gas sensors, IoT controllers and supporting software, modular design, plug-and-play rapid construction, allowing users to win back the dominance.
IoT manual automatic control panel, free of customization, free of line checking, and quickly bring your old device-style disk to the Internet of Things.

30. Lei Si Yi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.


Lei Si Yi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., positioned as the "Leading Innovator in Agricultural Technology," is committed to providing intelligent solutions for the livestock, poultry, aquaculture, and fishery industries. With a focus on addressing industry pain points and catering to the practical needs of farmers, we continuously research and develop IoT-based intelligent integrated service systems for livestock, poultry, and aquaculture.

31. Myshine Technology Co., Ltd.


Myshine technology focuses on MES systems and integration.
1.IoT management
Quantitative collection, analysis, and feedback with an alert function.
2.Production process record
pass on inheritance of experience and optimize production.
3.Manufacturing process management
Include records into the system and provide information according to the various needs.
4.Warehouse Management
Control instant data and provide information to reduce loss caused by the expired storage.

32. YenProtek Technology LTD.


Yenprotek specializes in the field of outdoor AIoT, combining AI, IoT to provide users with solutions that are highly reliable, energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and competitively advantageous. In recent years, we have been actively involved in smart agriculture, intelligent transportation, and digital transformation. We develop IoT-related products and cloud integration platforms, aiming to assist users in enhancing production efficiency, reducing labor and costs through data analysis.

33. Kiao Farming Co., LTD


Kiao Farming specializes in smart agricultural technology. We offer related products and service including IoT information systems, environmental sensor, controller and onsite planning and installation services. Our vision is ""To transform agriculture with technology and nurture the world through agriculture."" Established in 2022, we utilize No-code programming platforms, enhancing the active participation of agriculture experts in the research of planting parameters and the simulation of environmental variations. We have developed a smart control system, integrating IoT sensors and controller devices. From circuit design, product structure design to packaging, everything is designed collaboratively within  local network.

Our clients come from various fields, including individual farmers, government agricultural institutions and schools. We have achieved a cumulative service area of more than 40 hectares which means 1,000 devices have been installed. Given that our system adopts block programming, it fits the requirements of both programming education and agricultural teaching. It is well-suited for integration into the smart irrigation of campus crops in primary and secondary schools as part of food and agricultural education. Now over 20 schools have already adopted our system.

34. MIC Meter Industrial Company


MIC has developed several IAQ instruments since we established in 2010. Continuously, we also developed water quality monitors such as pH meter, SALT meter, Cond. meter, ORP meter, DO meter and TDS meter, which supply to the water quality testing such as Aquaculture, Agriculture, Fisheries, Animal husbandry and laboratory etc.

Combined with WiFi technology, Bluetooth, RS485 remote conncetion, mobile and tablet, monitoring water quality in field and read data from cell phones. Portable design (with logger function or SD record function) and rugged in line electrodes with waterproof cable, easy to operate and remote control the water quality. Free download iOS , Android APPs from smart phones and tablet or PCs, customer can monitor water quality at any time. MIC keeps positive research and soonest response to meet customer’s inquiry, and also had many OEM cooperation experiences, now MIC company is well-known instruments manufacture at home and abroad.

35. POC Medical Inc.


Precision feeding for pig farm is one of the keys to make profit in the competitive pig raising industry. POC's solution enable the fully automatic multiphase feeding system based on precision animal weight without labor.

36. Data Yoo Application CO., LTD.


Welcome to DATAYOO, where we harness the power of data in the burgeoning green economy to provide comprehensive land data consultancy and analysis services. Rooted in data analytics and AI technology, we seamlessly integrate grid information and monitoring data, establishing correlation indicators to assist clients in uncovering key parameters. Our approach empowers clients to control and optimize supply risks effectively. 

Our primary services, extending beyond agriculture, include:
1. Agricultural and Fisheries Production Information Management Subscription Service
2. Crop Satellite Index Monitoring Subscription Service
3. Data Analysis and Modeling Project Services
4. Soil carbon calculation

Drawing on our expertise in agricultural biology and crop physiology, we have developed an automated dynamic adjustment Generative AI algorithm, backed by patented inventions. This groundbreaking technology enables agricultural producers to assess crop growth status with unparalleled accuracy. Real-time adjustments based on dynamic data maximize production efficiency and quality, minimize the risk of cultivation failures, and facilitate clients' digital transformation. We transform planting experiences into a variety of quantified environmental information records, establishing a personalized digital twin for each client.

For open-field operations, we offer diversified management data, integrating real-time information from meteorological agencies, satellite illumination, and multispectral data. Our sensor-less monitoring approach significantly reduces the hardware maintenance costs of environmental monitoring and streamlines anomaly screening, resulting in substantial human resource savings.

37. Earthgen Technology


Earthgen Technology was established by the NCKU department of aeronautics and astronautics, we are applying drone technology to replace human labor to spray pesticides. Combining agricultural data and AI analysis, we are achieving precision agriculture while solving significant topics in the countryside society. We are a combination of aerospace engineering and agricultural industries. We currently operate ten locations in Taiwan, serving customers nationwide in Taiwan. We have recently expanded our business to include international exports, with successful exports to multiple countries in Europe and Africa. Our goal is to extend the reach of Earthgen drones worldwide. In addition to providing agricultural drones, Earthgen Tech has also developed a UAV management system and a platform for connecting drone pilots. We aim to address the labor shortage in agriculture and move towards precision farming.

38. PinTech Co.


PinTech Co., Ltd. is a professional custom software development company. The core strength of PinTech lies in the construction, operation, and consulting capabilities in e-commerce and marketing/sales systems. In recent years, PinTech has also formed a service alliance with partners to provide a full range of marketing consulting and technical services, including marketing planning, integrated marketing, marketing system construction, and website SEO. We have achieved remarkable results and received high praise in various sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, service industries, and from corporate and government clients.

PinTech currently offers core products including SEO services (with cross-regional website exposure), marketing systems, e-commerce platforms, and other customized system development.

39. Prochance International Inc.


We were established in 2007, forming a team that combines expertise in the agricultural field with the application of technology. Our operational goal is to drive the technological advancement of agricultural production. We serve as a provider of digital intelligence technology research and services. Through cutting-edge technology and systems, we aim to address the challenges faced in agricultural production, storage, and marketing.