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Smart Fishing Lamps based on Inherited Experience of Sea Captains Better Carbon Reduction Effect than Daan Forest Park

Author:Shen Sheng-Chih/Professor of National Cheng Kung University

The exclusive "Smart LED fish attractors" technology has obtained three patents of invention and transferred to enterprises including Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Delta Electronics, and Lit Triumph Micro-Cooling Tech. to develop into an industrial cluster of fishing light attractors. So far over 90% of saury fishing boats have been refitted with "Smart LED fish attractors", with verified fuel saving by 14%-25% during operation, accounting for NT$2.4-3.2 million per ship per year.

Figure 1. The control panel of the fish attractor for sauryFigure 1. The control panel of the fish attractor for saury

Jong Shyn Shipbuilding, an operator of both the squid and the saury fisheries, after noticing the effect of "Smart LED fish attractors" in saury fishing, further cooperates with the technology developer to develop "dual purpose smart LED attractor for squid and saury". This has been a total solution to the problem of the time-consuming and labor-intensive lamp maintenance and replacement during the alternation of saury and squid production seasons. After two years of research and development and actual testing, the technology is recognized by the captains of the fleet and the fishing captains. A set of lamps has three color components: green for squid, white for both squid and saury, and red for saury. This has substantially reduced the cost of time and labor in refurbishing the fishing boats during the alternation of production seasons.

In order to meet the needs of fishermen, Professor Shen collaborated with Professor Yen from the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium to develop the special lamps for squid fishing. Based on the visual nerve characteristics of squid and cuttlefish and other cephalopods, the white and green dual-color LED lights were developed by simulating the traditional HID squid fishing. The simplified manufacturing process and the light weight reduces the overall cost by 30%, and has the additional advantages of energy saving and constant temperature. Actual ship test shows the fuel consumption reduction by 0.64 kiloliter per day, at NT$ 12,000, and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 1,728 metric tons per day, equivalent to the annual carbon absorption of the amount of 4.4 Daan Forest Parks. LED Squid attractors are at the edge of a huge untapped blue ocean market. Delta Group is optimistic about the related global business opportunities and has devoted to continued development of innovative energy-saving products.